Is Apple’s New Macbook Pro Update Worth It?


Thinner, Lighter… and More Expensive

This is exactly what I took from the keynote address showcasing the new Macbook Pro that is soon to release. However, I am not sure a lighter version will make up for the $200 bump in price for the new units. All components of the computer are getting cheaper, yet the price is getting higher. I don’t understand if Apple is playing us for a fool, or if they have another clever scheme up their sleeves. All I know is, lighter computers don’t always result in a lighter load.

My current 2015 Macbook Pro is already as light and flexible as can be. However, I do have some limitations with this unit, such as the lack of having an Ethernet port or extra USB drives (my computer only has 2). This results in me having to go and buy more port extensions that I need to carry around often in case the need arises. Let’s not mention the lack of ability to upgrade RAM or MEMORY in a Mac. I have 2 external hard drives that I use to carry most of my bulk media. Highly inconvenient especially because one this is connected, I only have one extra usb slot available. Whenever I want to use my wireless mouse, I’m done for. I plug the receiver into the last USB slot and now I’m stuck having to make tough decisions whether to unplug my hard drive or my mouse at times.

Lighter to carry yes. But once you add in the extra hard drives, ports, and extra utilities you need on a daily basis, it basically makes up the same amount of weight you are taking out. So why would I want to pay $200 more for a unit that will require me to add on even MORE accessories?

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Notable Loses:

  • NO USB TYPE A PORTS (Replaced with 4 USB Type C)
  • There’s a headphone jack. (WHAT???)

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