6 Simple Marketing Tips for Small Businesses | INFOGRAPHIC

Check out our infographic below for 6 basic tips to get people talking about your small business or brand.

Identify Your Targets and Check Out Competitors

• Which customers are being targeted as a part of your marketing activities? You can view this information inside of Google Analytics or with wordpress plugins. Analyze this data and create a detailed buyer persona that will make it easier to find your target audience. • Identify your competitiors. Review and analyze their marketing activities. Make a list of your top 5 competitors and do some research. Find out how they stay connected with their customers, how they are reaching out to new ones, and what digital marketing techniques they are utilizing to sell to their targets. • Create a checklist of their best practices and build your services to better it.

Optimize Your Website

• Use targeted keywords with headlines. Make sure your visitors know exactly where they are and what they will find on each of your website pages. • Keep your content fresh and unique. Having a consistent posting schedule is helpful with building an audience and retaining the ones you already have. Focus on building your content credability.  • Make it easy for your visitors to find your contact info. This one is a given.

Off-Page Optimization

• List your website in popular directories and post ads on high traffic websites. • Increase your backlinks by using top quality blog and forum websites. H.A.R.O. (Help a Reporter Out) is a great option. • Create high quality video to showcase your products and services. Here is a good example. • Market these videos on popular sites such as Youtube.com.

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Update Content

• Create a blog section to educate your customers. WordPress.org is free and easy to use if you need to create a blog without having a background in computers. If you need help creating one, reach out to us today! • Share relevant information about your industry. If you find an article useful, don’t hold it back! Share it with your audience to gain their trust. • Post high quality pictures and infographics. Create your own for the best branding opportunity! • Help visitors visualize your content via images. Make sure to tell a story with each of your updates.

Social Media Marketing

• Build your social network using each social media site. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn. Whichever you prefer, create your profiles and market your digital media. • Build relationships by engaging with your audience and people in your niche. Don’t just like posts and retweet people. Give your own professional opinions and socialize with your followers. • Provide brief descriptions of your products and services. Don’t sell to your audience on social media, but make them aware of what you offer. Once they have trust in your brand, they will have trust in your products. • Spread relevant content on your pages, even if it wasn’t created by your team. Pinterest is a great example of this.

Email Marketing

• Build your email subscribe list with landing pages. • Interact with your customers using email. • Communicate relevant info about your products and services via newsletter blasts and company updates. Did we miss any tips or have any suggestions to improve this list? Contact us via twitter, facebook, or email to let us know! We are digital marketing experts and hire out assistamts to help small businesses with marketing tasks. Need a graphic? Need your social media accounts managed? Need help with the design and development of your website?

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Quicksnip Infographic with Tips how to Grow a Brand using 2015 Marketing techniques.

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