6 Simple Steps to Grow Your Startup

*This post was updated on October 20, 2016 to add additional insight on each step.


It’s not easy being the new startup on the block. While your brand is struggling to get 1000 followers on Twitter, most businesses are already generating sales and turning a profit. How can you catch up? Well, the answer is: You have to go back to the basics. Consider these 6 simple steps to grow your startup:


1) Network with Your Colleagues

Communicate with the people around you. Most of your first clients (and potential customers) are probably right in the room with you. Talk to them! Share your ideas. Ask them their opinions on potential products and marketing schemes. Networking is easily the number one way you can start building your startup. When the people around you start seeing your passion, they will surely catch on.


2) Find a Role Model

Having someone to look up in the early stages of your startup is invaluable. Following in their footsteps can help you set a soft plan to success! If you are able to connect with a role model on a scheduled basis, you can even bring them questions about how to deal with situations. Their experience can turn into your knowledge and potentially help you avoid any early mistakes while building your startup.


3) Find a True Friend

Sometimes you don’t have the greatest ideas to grow your startup, but no one is there to tell you that. Every business needs a person that will “tell it like it is.” It’s better to hear it from someone you can trust. This can be someone you work with closely, a best friend, or even a family member.

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4) Get Educated

One of the biggest setbacks of startups is not having the proper education to be successful. This is not to say a startup can’t be successful without a college education. However, learning the proper skills and how-tos from the start can be helpful down the line especially when you encounter them in a real world situation. Brush up on your skills with classes at your local college or try out online based courses. One of our favorites is LinkedIn owned Lynda.com.


5) Volunteer

Don’t be eager to shy away from unpaid work in your community. This is a great way to build connections with people in your profession without having any financial pressure involved. Reach out to your local alumni association to see if any volunteer opportunities are available in your niche. You may even find some hard workign individuals that are willing to work with you to grow your startup.


6) Start Your Own Small Business

Take the skills you’ve learned and go for it! Create your website, develop, your app, and get started selling your products online. There is no substitute for doing what you love, and loving what you do. Once you learn to love learning, you too can be a successful entrepreneur!

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