7 Tips to Boost Blog Traffic Today

Boost Your Blog Traffic With These 7 Tips

You are looking to build traffic to your blog correct? Why else would you be reading this blog? We are going to breakdown 7 simple (but not so easy) ways to boosting your blog traffic today. If you are a pro blogger and have any suggestions to add on to this list, please tweet us your suggestions. Get More Blog Traffic With These 7 Easy to Execute Tips. | Quiksnip.com

Write A Dope Headline:

Call it keyword or anything. But nobody will ever know how good your blog is without reading it. And it is your job to write an attracting and promising headline that will convince everyone to click through. And while many will say they want to write for human and not SEO, then I ask, is it animals that are using the Search Engine? Writing a Headline without SEO in mind is like posting a tweet without a Tag.  Just a little keyword research will add something that will boost your traffic.

Post Comments: 

Give back to your network by asking questions about that content you run across. For example: We commented on a great video we seen today of the Ultimate Trick Shot Dunk Boost blog traffic by leaving a comment on youtube videos   You can comment on your friend’s posts, a companies’ LinkedIn update, or even your own pages, as long as you’re promoting interaction. Get people interested in what you have to say and you’ll build traffic to your blog in no time. Try cross promoting your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by sharing images from the article and including links to read the content.  You can even set up real-time updates from your audience via a hashtag to showcase everything people are saying about your article. Just remember to always respond to each comment, even if its just a simple “Thank You.” 

Build Your Email List:

For the more experienced bloggers, this one is a given. An active Facebook and Pinterest account may boost the buzz throughout your network, but it all depends if your visitors are logged on. Your followers might miss your post on social media, but they won’t miss reading their email. Build up your list RIGHT NOW if you haven’t started. You can even use free resources like Mailchimp to get you started. Reach out to your dedicated fans and you’re sure to see results instantly.

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Help Others FIRST: 

Invest in others first before reaching out to them for money. This can be done by providing them with tutorials, templates, or even trying out their services. You need to give a little to receive a little. Try reading your favorite blog and seeing how they are giving back to their reader. 

Interact With Your Audience:

Get ideas from your audience. Have you defined your demographic yet? What are their problems and how did you find out? There is no better way to find out unless you ask them directly. Reach out to them on Twitter and through email. Find out what resources you can provide for help. 

Add a Call To Action: 

Direct your visitors on your site. This can be used to point them to your sales page, getting them to subscribe to your email list, or just liking your page on social media. Buy now, Shop now, Please Share, Subscribe to our List, Add to cart, you name it! Make sure your visitors know exactly what you want them to do. Start now by liking our facebook page. =)

Have Consistancy:

Simply put, update your blog often. It doesn’t have to be every single day or even every other day. Once a week is fine, as long as your visitors understand your schedule. If you post new content every Sunday, your visitors are programmed to read your blog on Sundays. Keep that in mind next time you want to take a few months off. If you seek growth, you must be consistent.  Do you have any tips that could be added to this list? Tell us in the comments below.

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