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What is Quiksnip?

We are a small agency based in Los Angeles, CA that wants to see every individual express themselves through social media. If you need help with telling your story through digital media, look no further! We gather data from across the web to help entrepreneurs and business owners of all levels. If you can dream it, you can create it! We provide the marketing tools, tutorials, and consulting needed to create your dream content. If you don’t want to put in the time to do-it-yourself, it is ok. We also offer management and creative content services for budgets of all sizes. Web design, advertisements, print materials, post production editing, animations, logos and so much more!

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Have you ever wondered why we spell our name Quiksnip instead of Quicksnip? Read about it here.


What is our Mission?

Quiksnip exists because we know every individual has a story to tell. We understand that some of our customers may not have the time or proper materials to create and market videos as much as they want. We want our customers to get A-Grade video production in the fastest amount of time possible. We will help you turn your thoughts and words into a visual work of art! Our online presence has quickly grown to serve filmmakers worldwide. Internationally we have completed projects for customers in South Korea, India, Australia, Nigeria, and the UK.


How did we get started?

In 2014, Quiksnip was founded by Marceel Marchena while studying abroad in college. Armed with only an old iPhone 4s, a Dell laptop, and an imagination, he began creating content for YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat (before the leak). Many hours of his life was spent on YouTube. With the help of video tutorials, he was able to learn the basics of video editing and decided to create content for his home university and local businesses. Through word of mouth, Marceel’s unique video editing and quick services became so popular he decided to start his own post-production video editing company. This company has grown since that time and now dedicates its services to helping people create media and market it through social media sites, regardless of budget.


Who are our Employees?

Our employees are detailed-oriented and take great pride in their work. We collaborate to provide customers with exceptional customer service to make sure they receive the best possible experience and exactly what they want. They have extensive knowledge of what it takes to make great social media content and have the connections to back it up.
Quiksnip also believes in hiring talented people who can produce a high level of quality work, not people who want to deliver a high quantity of projects. Professional marketing experience is not a requirement to work for us, but delivering your absolute best work to every single customer is. Every employee must be willing to learn new skills in order to cater to our customers. This applies to our editors, designers, and management alike.
All employees are encouraged to pursue their own unique goals within Quiksnip. We believe, if you are passionate about what you do, you will provide the greatest results. If one of our employees enjoys creating animation, we make sure they are paired with the customers looking for unique animation. If another employee is interested in creating music videos, we make sure they are paired with producers who share the same passion for music. Projects are assigned based on each employee’s experience and skills. We offer free services for team members wanting to promote their own brand. Earn commission for every sale you generate. Email all job inquiries to jobs@quiksnip.com
We stand behind our employees, and we believe that customers, vendors, and employees should all be treated with respect.


Who are our Customers?

Our customers are very diverse and unique. We look to promote small businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. Just about anyone who wants to create and show their talents to the world can benefit from our services. Your brand has a story to tell and we want to help you show it! We strive to provide the most extensive available options to help our customers create unique marketing materials, as well as promote them through social media. The customer is always right. However, if we feel a project is being created for a cause or reason we do not agree with, we will refuse the order. Why should we create something we are not passionate about?
We believe our customers should feel comfortable explaining their ideas to us. Whether it’s a bullet list with every detail listed or through a voice recording; we will read and listen to all of your ideas and put together a project you and Quiksnip can be proud of. Think of us as an extension of your current team, we will work with you to make sure your business is successful.


If you have any questions about our services: Contact Us


Meet our Founder: Marceel Marchena

I started by making YouTube, Vine, and Snapchat videos that focused on my everyday life. A strong following and interesting conversations quickly developed on my personal social media accounts. Based on the feedback I received, I began to create even more video shorts. I took my time to create really amazing work. I made sure every cut and every sound was on point to give the viewer the same feeling I felt when imagining it. I started integrating videos from Snapchat to Instagram to YouTube and various other social media sites. I would have the same 7 second videos stretched to 10, 15, and even 60 seconds! I developed a passion for creating videos and now I would like to share my passion with you. I created Quiksnip to help individuals create videos based only on what they can imagine. If you can dream it, you can create it. Contact me at

Email: Marceel@quiksnip.com

Twitter: @marceelmarchena

LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/marceelmarchena


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