Effective Web Design Trends for 2015

Do you remember back when flashy cursors and sparkling websites were trending? Businesses spent countless amount of dollars “pimping” their website to attract viewers to point them to a call to action. The internet, however, has changed since 1989. So today we offer you tips for effective web design in 2015.

Catch their attention in 5 seconds

Your homepage needs to get straight to the point. Short and effective headlines are crucial to retain traffic. Who are you? What are you doing? If you fail to answer these questions in 5 seconds or less, your visitors have already hit the back button.

Have a clear Call To Action

Make it simple for the user, direct them where they should go. Make it clear what you have to offer and show them how they can get it. This can be via a “Contact Us”, “Buy Now”, or even a “Request a Quote” button. We would suggest having one at the top of the page, one in the middle (or body), as well as one at the end of the page.

Clean up existing designs

Ever seen those sites that still have “Christmas Day sales” in the middle of February? Yeah, don’t be that business. Keep your website up to date and let your visitors know your site is still active. This includes removing outdated banners, cleaning up broken links, and keeping up with web design trends. Be sure to populate your site with unique and quality content to build content credibility.

Connect with Social Media

A great way to build loyalty and increase brand awareness for your business is through word of mouth. The best way to achieve this is integrating social media into your website. Start off by finding your target audience and giving them an opportunity to share your products and services with their friends and family. The more traffic to your site, the better.

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Develop your site with SEO from the start

“Search Engine Optimization” or SEO for short determines where your site ranks via a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search engine. Using target keywords, title tags, H-tags and more can help people easily find your products and services. Think how much traffic you would get if you ranked #1 in a google search result.

Make it Responsive.

Here at Quiksnip, we praise brands that have developed their websites to be responsive. This makes your content easily accessible via a smartphone, tablet, PC, or watch. If it looks good on desktop, make sure it also looks good on mobile.


This is more difficult to perfect on a website without any background in the art. You (usually) can’t go wrong with large and well spaced out text. This does not mean Times New Roman 12pt font is the only font you can use! Just find the right mix of color, size, and contrast to make sure all of your text content can be easily read.

The Bottom Line

Keep these tips in mind when building and marketing your website. If you aren’t serious about your site, your consumers wont be serious about it either. Check out the infographic below for the top 6 predictions for web design trends of 2015:
Web design trends for 2015 infographic showing how social media sites utilize new age media.

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