How Often Should We Update Our Social Media Accounts?

This article is from 2015. Read the updated article on How Often You Should Post to Social Media here.

The use of social media in business marketing has gone a long way since the internet was invented.  It is a powerful tool with several types of platforms where you could showcase your products and services for consumers to see and buy.  The question is, how frequent are we going to update our social media accounts? Yeah right, posting is fun but do not post too much.  There are more days ahead where you could broadcast your business. Besides each industry is different from the others and each brand have different audiences too with different needs. Also, different people will log on at different times because of the difference in times zones and interactions are not always the same.


Most of the followers will not be able to read all that you tweet and worst they will not bother to read it. So in order for you to be present at all times in Twitter, you should post base on your judgment.  When sending out tweets it does not only best to evaluate how many you are going to send but to focus on the content as well. There should be a balance of good links to share, retweets and talking with other users.  For this reason, you have no limits as to how many you can post.  I would say 20 or more per day would be enough for tweets. But if you are just a beginner, recommended tweets per day range from 3 to 5.  From these figures, you can check and judge on the improvement of your tweets. If you have a Twitter account, tweeting can be as many as 7 up to 20 times every day without any worries.  With this often, your presence should be stable and the good balance of self-promotion and conversations with your followers are strictly maintained.  However, this could be time-consuming and it is better if to seek Twitter Management Services to make updating easier on your end. When using Twitter in your business as one of the platforms, tweeting 10 times a day is likely not a great idea.  The reason for this is users will be able to tolerate posts from an individual compared to a business, so it is also important to take note to make your tweets coincide with the users’ expectations.

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With Facebook, posting two times a day, seven days a week would be okay since Likes and comments tend to drop after that.  You can also check with your audience what works best for you and for them.

You can begin doing that by going to the Facebook Insights and select Reach.  The date range can be changed allowing you to check how your post is doing with its audience reach.  It is better to write down changes in the engagement, big or small.



As with LinkedIn, once a day of posting would be fine, do not include weekends.  In about a month, it would be around 20 posts enabling you to reach about 60% of your audience.  That would be five times a week excluding Saturdays and Sundays.  Those are the days which is a perfect time to post since most of your audiences in LinkedIn are professionals and businessmen who could mostly spend their time reading posts during the business days which are from Mondays to Fridays.



Posts on Google+ are special in several ways, and one example is they are like small blog posts because you were provided a space where you could say more, able to write in paragraphs and make use of their extensive formatting to better sell your product or service.

For Google+, five times a day of posting would be okay without losing the engagement with other users.  This was proven effective having a higher number of clicks, reshares, comments and plus ones compared to just twice a day posting. It is best to post on Fridays around 11 AM to 2 PM where there lots of people visiting the site.



Pinterest is a website and an online pinboard where you can do some uploading, saving, sorting, managing images and videos which are called pins.  This is not like other social bookmarking sites because the contents shared on Pinterest are mainly images and without these being involved, one cannot share on Pinterest.

In Pinterest, if you share something the bookmark is called a pin.  When somebody else’s pin was shared, it’s called repin.

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Online images can be shared, but you could also upload images to share on Pinterest.  These pins can be shared to Facebook and Twitter.

If you prefer Pinterest, five times a day of posting would not be enough.  You see Pinterest emphasizes more on volume as compared to other platforms.  You can pin as many as 20 including your original pins and repins.

Showcasing your products doesn’t just end there, it should also inform users what are the things you can do with your products or services, what would be the result of using it and any associated activities, sceneries and products.

The best time to pin on weekdays is during the evening and midmornings during weekends.  If you have all the time in the world, you can pin throughout the day to reach different kinds of audiences as they visit the site.



Instagram is a great and fun way to let your friends know what is happening with your life through photos.  It is a platform exclusive for mobiles so you have to download the app using your smartphone or tablet with the requirements of username, password, and email and this is the only way you could register as a member.

Instagram posting should be done at least twice a day around 2 am and 5 pm EST preferably during Wednesday.  It is considered the best day and the best time to post for other days for you to get the best engagement that means your posts will get “likes” and “comments”.

No matter what platforms you use or many times you post your ads or photos, it is still best to evaluate the importance of what you are trying to post.  Is it relevant?  Will it cater to the needs of your followers or users?  Is your product or service friendly?  These are some of the questions you might want to consider when posting or updating your social media accounts.

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