VIDEO | How to Edit a Simple After Effects Template

How to edit a simple after effects template social media graphic by quicksnip
Watch the video to learn how to edit a simple after effects template purchased on the Envato market.


Today I’ll show you guys how to create your own logo reveal editing a template in After Effects.

I won’t be using the original template in this video, instead i’ll be using this one: “Smoke Titles“.


Workflow for Editing an After Effects Template

Today I embark on a simple freelance journey of creating a basic After Effects animation. It’s pretty easy actually, because I won’t actually be creating anything. I’ll be taking a template I purchased from Envato and literally drag and drop the logo into the video. While it’s great to have knowledge of AE components, such as keyframes, it is not really necessary for this tutorial.

Time to fire up after effects! DO YOU EVEN CLOUD?

The whole template is very easy to understand. How can anyone go wrong reading “PLACE LOGO HERE?”

So I place the logo, resize it a little and BAM! its ready to be rendered. 

Easy and simple money. It didn’t even take me 15 minutes to put this together! Shout out to my freelancers who make money off of people’s laziness!

Only problem is….well this.Blog 1


4 hours!?!  4 friggin hours to render out a 10 second animation??  At this moment, a strand of my already thinning hair just fell on my desk. I can’t describe how frustrated I am. My brand new Macbook is loaded with memory and ram, but that means nothing to the kryptonite that is After Effects. 

Adobe seriously needs to revamp their After Effects program. My brand new Mac is moving slower than dial-up on Windows 95. (Yes I’m old enough to have experienced this). I now wait in front of my monitor typing this blog in notes wondering what I’m going to do with my life for the next 4 hours. 

blog 3*Grabs iPhone, scrolls Pinterest, switches to Instagram, opens Twitter, closes Twitter. Posts selfie on snapchat story* Enough time has been wasted. 

I’ve read articles and watched videos telling me to tweak this and tweak that in the program preferences, but seriously I need a real solution to this. How can I speed up rendering in after effects??

Tell us what works for you. Tweet to @quiksnip and let us know. 

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