Jenna Baik Discusses Her MyBebox Marketing Campaign on Indiegogo

Last Update: October 16, 2016

The MyBebox campaign ended up having 261 backers and raising over $15,000! The product is now being molded and sneak peaks of the actual product has been leaked! 

The MyBebox is still taking Pre-Orders, so go ahead and grab yours today!


Today we interviewed Jenna Baik, the CEO and Founder of MyBebox, to discuss her new food prep container and current Indiegogo campaign. As of this writing, she has raised over $10,000 after 2 weeks of launching her campaign. Quiksnip recently helped Jenna redesign and develop her WordPress landing page. Check out the interview on Youtube where Jenna discusses her Bebox campaign and marketing strategies leading up to launch.


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1) Introduce yourself to the world and tell us how you got started with MyBebox. Hi I’m Jenna! I’m a 20 year old Canadian with ambitious dreams. Bebox started because I gained weight living in Mexico and wanted to lose it when I got back to Canada and I knew it started with what I ate. I couldn’t find anything in the market of what I visioned to be an all in one container that would make my meal prep life easy. That’s when my “AH HA” moment came and Bebox was born.


2) What makes MyBebox different from other food containers? It’s the first to market to have adjustable dividers that allow you to fully customize your portions. It also allows you to stack and collapse your containers all in one, where other containers only have ONE of the features. Bebox truly is an all in one container!


3) How is the IndieGoGo campaign going? It’s going good, but can be better. I reached $10k the first week just from my friends and family. I have $20k more to go and am trying really hard with more press, media, and social media influencers to get the word out with Bebox.


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Family and Lifestyle

4) How is your family? Are they back in Canada? Yes my mother and brother is in Canada and my Dad lives in Asia. My dad is an entrepreneur and has been my inspiration and support when I go through my tough times here.


5) I heard you are becoming a Pilates teacher? I am! Funny enough, I’ve only done Pilates ONCE before being offered to learn to teach at Set&Flow yoga studio in Hollywood. However; I’ve been doing yoga and other exercises for years so it was really easy to learn. I’m excited to share my passion with health and fitness even more by teaching. I am holding 2 practice classes donation based to prepare for my test this weekend.

All donations will go towards the campaign under YOUR name! It will be held in West Adams LA (near USC) on these dates:
  • Nov.17 (Tues): 11:30am-12:30pm
  • Nov.18 (Thurs): 11am-12pm

6) Have you seen these recent posts on the MyBebox Instagram? Yes, I’ve seen those posts… lol. I handle all my social media. Mybebox instagram feed November 2015


7) What are your plans for MyBebox in the Future? My vision with Bebox is to create a FUN lifestyle where it is EASY for people to be fit and healthy. It all starts with meal prep (what you eat) then goes into fitness. I want to inspire, motivate, and educate people on how to eat right and exercise.

MyBebox Marketing Campaign

Jenna sat down to discuss her social media marketing strategy and reaching out to her target audience. She also gives advice to young entrepreneurs whom are looking to successfully market themselves and their business.


8) Your favorite Social Media Site? I love following fitness/health Instagram handles. The hot bodies and yummy, healthy foods inspire me!


9) How do you use it to market your products? Getting into meal prep is how I created Bebox. Being inspired by seeing what other people post in their meal prep and then seeing their results in their bodies is what inspires me and creates content for Mybebox social media. I LOVE to see what other people are preparing. Then sharing what Bebox can do to make their life easier. I also just enjoy posting fun photos that are health/fitness related that inspire other people.

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10) Describe your typical buyer persona. My typical buyer likes to work out. They LOVE fitness. Anything that can move their bodies and maybe even make them sweat. Food is also another love of theirs. They love food. Tacos, Korean BBQ, salad… whatever it is. They love to eat! Now they just need to learn some discipline to eat right consistently… and that starts with meal prep! My buyer may also be guilty of buying overpriced leggings and nice running shoes.


11) Advice to startups who want to market themselves and their business. I don’t feel like I’ve reached my success yet so I’m not 100% giving advice but I do preach what I teach so here’s some jot notes of advice for other startups that they probably already heard a million times elsewhere:

  • Love what you are doing. If you don’t love it… You are going to have a hard time working day and night into something you don’t get paid for and potentially may not even ever get paid to do. Being passionate of what you are doing is what will drive and motivate you to risk your time and money to potentially earn big rewards.
  • Get shit done. My favorite saying I always tell myself “If you don’t know what you’re doing, do something”. Seriously, making mistakes and feeling like an idiot is better than doing nothing
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You will need it. As independent as I was and HATED to ask for help, I learned it got me nowhere. I moved faster and made a little less mistakes by asking for help.


Notes From Jenna

Remember, if you are a blogger or know of any health/fitness bloggers … send them our way! We are offering up to 25% commission for a simple shoutout/post. Email: for more details. Let’s go #FITFAM! See Indiegogo Campaign

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