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Watch my video review of the PDF to Powerpoint tool by InvestInTech.

Today I’ll take a look at a new PDF to Powerpoint (PPT) tool on the market by InvestInTech. Someone from their team reached out for my review of the product so I wanted to take a firsthand look at what it can do. The product boasts the ability to convert a full PDF into a slideshow type Powerpoint presentation without having to download anything from the web. That’s awesome!

But I would later find out, this was not true.


PDF to PPT Review

While it MAY convert your PDF to a PPT, it takes 30 minutes and an email address to get your file. Now for a product marketing to the young entrepreneur, this is not ideal. Below you will see a screencast of me trying to use the tool online. I am on a Mac, so maybe the results may be different for a PC.

I was prompted to wait 30 minutes or download their .pkg file to continue. I would later receive an email following up with my download of their PDF tool. This is not what was advertised to me and will probably leave other entrepreneurs angry if they tried to use it.

Below is the information I was provided about the tool. Please review and use at your own risk.


Online PDF Tool That Makes Preparing Presentations a Breeze

Preparing a presentation is not easy. It is a constant hustle of keeping your content relevant and interesting which can sometimes lead to stress and headaches. The reason for that can be the fact that these days’ presentations need to be more dynamic and fun than in the past. People have embraced the appeal of visual thinking and now, you need to create new ways of holding meeting that really be hard sometimes. That is why people are turning to different online tools that can help them organize the presentation in a much easier manner. Those presentations are often held using PowerPoint, so people need to design and create them by themselves.


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To help them in these preparations, Investintech.com released a new online tool that directly converts PDF to PowerPoint with 100% accuracy. It’s completely free and provides quality conversions with no limitations to the file size or the number of conversions. What makes it different from other similar tools is that this one converts both scanned and native PDFs into fully editable PPTX files, leaving users plenty of time to prepare other aspects of their meetings. 

Here is the full set of its features:pdf-to-ppt-downloader-by-investintech


  • Converts both scanned and native PDF to .pptx file format
  • Fully web based, no need to install anything on your computer
  • Completely free to use without any limitations
  • No limits on the number of conversions
  • Accessible from all devices and browsers
  • No limitations on the file size


For security reasons, all files are deleted from Investintech’s servers after 24 hours, so make sure you download your files in this time frame.


With tools like this PDF to PowerPoint converter, you will save yourself a lot of hours when it comes to preparing those long presentations. It is a useful tool, applicable to numerous causes and it will surely help you further down the line.

Using this tool is NOT RECOMMENDED as it requires either a 30 minute wait time or for you to download a 3rd party software.

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