Quicksnip vs Quiksnip: The Real Problem With Buying Cheaper Domain Names

Quicksnip vs Quiksnip: The Problem with buying cheap domain names social media graphic
Read the story about why we opted for Quiksnip.com instead of Quicksnip.com.
Many, if not most of our clients ask us why our business name is spelled Quiksnip (without a “C”) instead of the proper Quicksnip. In simple terms, it’s because when I was building up my first business I decided to buy a cheaper domain name.
Quicksnip.com cost $3000.00 at the time and being a 1st-time business, I did not have nearly that much money to invest in this domain name.
However, since the brand (at the time) was focused primarily on post production video editing, I was able to create a crafty logo that would turn the “k” in Quicksnip into a pair of scissors. See the old logo here:
Quicksnip old logo from 2014
The first Quiksnip logo from 2014.
So without thinking, I registered my first domain on GoDaddy for $0.99 + ICANN fees and I felt like a million bucks. Saving $2999.00 on registering Quiksnip as opposed to Quicksnip was well worth the loss of that letter…so I thought.
Little did I know that single letter would come back to haunt me in more ways than one.

Issues with Saving Money on a Domain Name

1) People can’t find my site

I handed out business cards and told everyone about my business from the start. This was fine, but the common, correct spelling of Quick Snip, is what people would be searching for.
I would often meet up with an old connection and they would tell me:
Hey Marceel, I tried looking for Quiksnip yesterday and couldn’t find it.
I would ask them if they spelled my company the ‘right’ way without the “C.” And of course, this was the common (and recurring) issue that I continued to deal with for years.

2) SEO Suffered Greatly

Although I registered all of my social media accounts under the same brand name, I knew people would be searching for Quicksnip all over the place. I even started to use the term “Quicksnip” in my SEO plugin, in my titles, in my content, in my tags, everywhere! If you’ve already read through blog posts on this site, you’ve probably come across the term.
My content looked all messed up because I was using multiple versions of the spelling and I decided for branding purposes, I should stay consistent.

3) Emails Get Lost

Clients and leads who try to send me emails will usually send them over to info@quicksnip.com.
The only problem is I don’t receive these emails.
These emails will get lost in cyberspace and clients will assume I received them and never responded.
Even though I always tell people to disregard the “C” when sending an email, they would still use it because…well its proper grammar. So choosing the domain Quiksnip.com has probably caused hundreds if not thousands of emails to get lost.

4) Changing Brand Goals

As my business began to mature, the goals of our brand began to change. We started to expand past post production video editing into more social media marketing and web solution business.
As branding from the start was strong, it became increasingly difficult to try to rebrand and change the image that was already created. We have thousands of images, posts, and content on the web branded with Quiksnip logos and watermarks. It’s tough migrating that over.
Now when I made that first decision back in 2014 to save money on my domain name, in reality, I ended up paying for it greatly. I don’t regret choosing Quiksnip.com as the experience and journey of having an oddly spelled name has taught me more about SEO that I could have ever imagined. The hours I spent trying to rank for the term Quicksnip actually taught me how to better optimize my site as a whole.

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