QuikTip 1: How to Send Large Video Files

Need to send large video files?

In this post we will show you a simple and efficient way of doing this via WeTransfer. See steps or 1 minute tutorial video below. We will show you how to upload your files to WeTransfer and generate a download link using that can be used to share up to 2gb of data for free using their site. This link can be shared with anyone for roughly 7 days before being deleted from their server. If you like our #QuikTIP tutorials, leave a comment below with a video suggestion.


  1. Open Web Browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE)
  2. Go to WeTransfer.com
  3. Upload or drag files to the box
  4. Select to send an Email or generate a sharable Link
  5. Wait for upload in background (DO NOT CLOSE BROWSER)
  6. Copy and paste download link

If you need help sending your files, feel free to contact us today! One of our digital marketing assistants can help walk you through the process or help you move even larger files across the web. See our digital admin services for more information about how QS can help your business.

1 Minute Tutorial Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip2ByXVvwcE If you like the video, please like or share it with your friends.

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