Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Need to organically increase your search engine ranking? Our team will help prepare and optimize your Wordpress site to be found by search engines. Connect Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and submit your sitemaps to the proper crawlers. Add alt tags and descriptions to all your images, add internal and external links, and write metadata. WORDPRESS SITES ONLY.

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Items covered:

  • Metadata Optimization (Title Tags, Descriptions, Keywords)
  • Optimal Word Count
  • Internal/External Linking
  • Image/Video Optimization
  • Google Webmaster Tools Connection
  • Social Media Connection
  • URL Optimization
  • Comment Moderation (Removal of Spam)
  • Call to Actions
  • Index/No Index in Robots.TXT
  • Google Analytics Connection
  • Speed and Site Performance

Marceel is the Founder/CEO of Quiksnip. He enjoys writing about social media marketing and productivity hacks. He enjoys helping startups grow their brand and find their target audience.


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