Simple Design is the Best Design

Simple Design Truly is the Best Design

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What is Simple Web Design?

In an essence, it is a site that includes only the essentials needed for an end user. What does that mean? It means a designer has stripped away as many extras as possible to reduce distractions from the main content. This doesn’t mean you should go crazy and start removing pieces all over your design to the point where it doesn’t function! Your goal as a designer should be taking those clunky (but essential) elements and making them work. To sum it up, the user does not have to see the technical side of your site or product, they should only see what you want them to do. To get exactly where they should go easily and without any distraction.

A great website design should be simple and straight to the point.

My personal favorite being the fan favorite Tumblr. Tumblr has a great simple design as their landing page. No I don’t personally have a Tumblr account, but I can see why its appealing. The very first landing page has all of the ESSENTIALS needed for a site without the clutter! You only have 3 options.

  1. Scroll to Read about Tumblr
  2. Create an Account
  3. Search for Content via a Search Bar

My optimal website will feature a HUGE search bar, because I would rather get straight to the point when looking for information instead of browsing through multiple sub-menus. Have you ever had this problem? Bad navigation menu example. Having way too many sub menus   You are trying to find something as simple as black car rims and i’m approached with this never ending list of menus and categories. I need to select the part I’m looking for, then the style i’m looking for, then the manufacturer, then I need to choose the color and the size just to reach the final product page…which isn’t the product I wanted! When this can easily be surpassed with a simple search bar. This is why I love sites such as Amazon and Google Play. These distinctive search bars help me get to where I’m trying to go right away without any extra steps.

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Why Do I Need A Simple Design?

Probably because its easier for your visitors to process. Low complexity sites don’t require our eyes and brains to work as hard to process and store the information. Basically, the less complex a site is, the easier it is for your eye to receive it. Stick to the fundamentals of design and your website will be timeless. If something seems like a fad, it probably is. Remember when it was cool to have a flaming tail attached to your mouse cursor? Or how about a interactive chicken in your twitter feed?   Worst Web Design and Development EVER! | Quiksnip   This has to be the worst design ever made, to the point where its comical. I can go for days pointing out the problems with Ling’s Cars. All the way down to the amazing use of their source code:       Developers should NEVER put this in their source code | Quiksnip

How Do We Make a Simple Design?

A great tip to getting started is to take a look at your favorite websites online. Why do they appeal to you? What makes you keep coming back. Try to replicate that site in terms of design and content. I’m not saying copy it, but just use it as design inspiration to crafting your own ideas. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Rather design for lifeless appeal. Read about the 10 golden rules of a simple clean design. Take your time designing your site. Its easy to hire a designer on Fiverr and get your website developed in 30 days or less, but does that mean it will be as well designed as lets say Probably not. Good design takes organization and time. Most of your time should be spent in the beginning stages when your ideas are fresh. Try piecing out all of the unnecessary elements and including only the details you need.

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Always Remember Content Is King

And the number one tip to having great design is to focus directly on the content. Design should get out of the way of content and take the back seat. Because at the end of the day your visitors have shown up to your site to do one thing: Find an answer to their solution. This could be the reason you ended up on this blog, to find out why simple design is the best design. Or it could be you are looking for a company to upgrade your site to be easier for users to use.  Save yourself the headaches and develop the site structure based on content first. This will be beneficial for the client, the designer, and their visitors. A well designed site means nothing if the content can’t even be read. Just keep that in mind next time your heading tag is in Times New Roman. Read about Good Content vs Good Design.

What Are Your Favorite Simple Designs?

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