The Most Important Audience: Your Own Employees

What fuels content marketing today?

Engagement, brand awareness, building an audience and retaining that audience are just a few keywords we mention. We talk about our creative content—pictures, blogs, videos, etc. We even talk about budget, and how we wish we ALWAYS need more of it. But we usually don’t mention our most important audience members: our employees. Make no mistake, the drive for any business always starts with its employees. If you want to succeed, you must show your employees the significant work you’re doing across your organization. Actually, you need to get them excited about it!  

Employees Drive Content

This is important for any business that wants to succeed, but it’s also crucial when it comes to driving content within your company. When convincing people why you need a better solution to create, distribute, and optimize content, it isn’t enough to just email an idea to your boss. You have to prove that content marketing will make your business stronger and build its value from the inside out. We at Quiksnip (not to be confused with Quicksnip), are advocating for a system that Fortune 500 companies have already mastered: an internal content destination (via blog posts and social media) that allow employees to learn from each other in a personal way. Reach out to experts for their opinion on subjects, then share that information with the rest of your organization. Engaging your employees internally all but guarantees your team will have answers when a difficult client question arises. [et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_1]

Our Own Errors

In the beginning, Quiksnip had been focused on creating consumer-facing content, and as a result, failed to make consistent updates. We just didn’t have enough ideas for creative content! We soon realized the key to delivering value would be by helping our clients engage and educate their own employees. We reached out to individuals from other companies to share their insight and difficulties while managing their brand. By asking questions and offering our tools for help, we were able to work collectively to improve their marketing teams. Every department has a story to share, and it’s important to have transparency to allow those stories to reach the people who need to hear them. Have a brainstorm session or even answer some of your brand’s FAQs via a blog post to get started. Engaging your employees internally all but guarantees your team will have answers when a difficult client question arises.

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The Bottom Line

Creating well informed employees is priceless, but make no mistake—you’ll see the impact of this investment in so many areas of your business. If you want to be apart of our growing team, reach out to us here. Tweet us @Quiksnip with any questions or comments.

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