Top 5 Tips to Make Great Videos Using Your Phone


Today I will discuss my top 5 tips to make great videos using your phone. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or Android, these 5 tips will help you make great videos using whatever device you may have.


Top 5 Phone Recording Tips:

1) Film in Landscape Mode
This is to prevent black bars on your videos when they are uploaded to a site like Youtube. This is probably easily the number one way to get a more professional looking video. While some sites, such as Facebook and Snapchat, utilize the portrait mode to fill the screen, most users will be viewing your video from a computer screen or TV.


2) Face the Light
It is always best to have light facing you when filming your video. It may be harsh on the eyes, but its great for your face on screen! Having natural sunlight is the best. You don’t have to go out and buy lighting kits to make a great video, just make sure wherever the light is, you are facing it.


3) Use A Tripod
This can take your videos from OK to WOW. A tripod is used to stabilize your phone and make sure it doesn’t move during filming. Some tripods are as cheap as $5 on Amazon, but I suggest getting a good quality Tripod that can be used for years. As I mention in my video below, you can use the piece that comes with your selfie stick to mount your phone to your tripod.


4) Focus on Audio
Consider plugging in an external mic for better audio. I use my iPhone headphones to record great audio, but studio quality mics can be used also. The focus is to remove background noise and make sure the subject you are trying to record, is the only thing that can be heard. If you need help additional help removing background noise from your recorded audio (or podcast recording) check out our digital admin services.

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5) Have a Simple Background
Because you wouldn’t want people focusing on a subject other than yourself. Ask a friend to take a look at your phone and see if any furniture or objects are oddly distracting them from your video. You will be surprised how easily people are distracted by something as small as a lamp.


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below or you may send me a tweet @Marceel_qs.

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