Tutorial | How to Create a Basic Logo Animation in After Effects

We will explain how to create a basic animation in Adobe After Effects for Windows. This basic tutorial can be used in all adobe after effects software (with minor tweaks of coarse) but we decided to use CS4. We broke down our process in 23 easy to follow steps. Check out the video below. If you have any questions or suggestions for new tutorials feel free to contact us!


  1. Create a New Composition.
  2. Import your Logo/Picture. (preferably use a .PNG file for the best results. These files usually render out background colors and make your life much easier working in AE. It has to do with the alpha channels.)
  3. Drag your logo/picture to the timeline.
  4. Add a SOLID layer.
  5. Place SOLID layer underneath the LOGO layer.
  6. Add a camera layer.
  7. Activate 3D checkbox in the Comp menu.
  8. Select camera icon.
  9. Adjust, resize, reposition your logo/picture. (Play around with it. Remember to give yourself some room on each edge)
  10. Click on background layer.
  11. Choose an effect or preset. (We used the included effects. You can get more creative with your design!)
  12. Reduce size of timeline.
  13. Bring time marker to 0:00.
  14. Select logo layer.
  15. Expand Triangle – Expand Transform – Highlight Opacity.
  16. Select KEYFRAME button. (You’ll be using these a lot in AE. Learn more about Keyframes)
  17. Set opacity to 0.
  18. Slide Time Marker ahead a few seconds.
  19. Set opacity to 100%.  (All Keyframes can be adjusted)
  20. Go to effects Menu.
  21. Select (lens) Blur.
  22. Effects – Lens Blur – Iris Radius.
  23. Render and Enjoy. (Rendering may take a while depending on your computer settings. Learn exporting best methods.)

Walkthrough Tutorial

Leave a comment below if you had any trouble with completing this tutorial. We will gladly help you. If you are interested in creating your own Tutorial for your website or business, check out our post production services page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNbianBcYuY

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