UFC 193 ‘Rousey vs Holm’ Main Card Results | Play by Play Results

UFC 193 Results:

Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm — Holm def. Rousey by KO (R2) Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Valerie Letourneau –Jedrzejczyk def Letourneau by UD (49-46, 49-46, 50-45)  Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva — Hunt def. Silva by KO (R1) Uriah Hall vs. Robert Whittaker — Whittaker def. Hall by UD (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) Jared Rosholt vs. Stefan Struve — Rosholt def. Struve by UD (29-28 all) Akbarh Arreola vs. Jake Matthews — Matthews def. Arreola by TKO (R2) Kyle Noke vs. Peter Sobotta — Noke def. Sobotta by TKO (R1) Anthony Perosh vs. Gian Villante — VIllante def. Perosh by KO (R1) Danny Martinez vs. Richie Vaculik — Martinez def. Vaculik by UD (30-27 all) Steven Kennedy vs. Richard Walsh — Walsh def. Kennedy by UD (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) Daniel Kelly vs. Steve Montgomery — Kelly def. Montgomery by UD (29-28 all) James Moontasri vs. Anton Zafir — Moontasri def. Zafir by TKO (R1) Ryan Benoit vs. Ben Nguyen — Nguyen def. Benoit by submission (R1)

Play by Play:

Starting at Whittaker vs. Hall

Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm


R1] I’ll try not to blink in this fight. Ronda doesn’t touch gloves. Rousey pushes the clinch but Holm uses great movement to get away. Ronda is throwing long shots but missing. Holm lands a nice elbow. Ronda is chasing Holm down and Herb Dean is running around like a wild child. Both women clinch on the cage and Ronda lands short shots, Holm lands a kick on the release. Holm lands a great left and TAKES DOWN Ronda. She immeditely gets up and lands a long punch to the face of Holm. Holm with a nice leg kick. Ronda clinches and lands a few uppercuts but Holm gets out with movement. She is looking great in this round. Ronda is taking huge shots from Holm and loses her mouthpiece. Wow! Huge first round from Holly Holm. She takes down Ronda and gets right back up. Ronda is looking tired chasing Holm. They clinch and start exchanging knees to the body. Huge round from Holly Holm

Holm takes R1.

R2] Ronda loses the first round of her career and comes out chasing Holm again. Holm dodges a haymaker by Ronda. Holm lands a HUGE ROUNDHOUSE KICK. RONDA IS OUT!!!!  She falls to the mat and Herb Dean has no other option but to stop the fight. #ThePerfectFight by Holly Holm.

Holm def Rousey by KO (R2)

ronda rousey loses her first fight to holly holm in round 2 at ufc 193 ronda rousey loses her first fight to holly holm by knockout in round 2 at ufc 193  

Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Valerie Letourneau


R1] Round starts and Letourneau opens up with a combination that is blocked. Both women looking for their striking range. Jedrzejczyk goes for a kick and its caught and she is taken down. Letourneau landing clean shots on the ground. Jedrzejczyk gets back to her feet with an underhook. They stay in the clinch and push against the cage. Letourneau looking great in this first round. Both women throwing knees from the clinch before they break. Jedrzejczyk with a HUGE front kick to the face. Letourneau looked dazed, but recovered with a clinch. Both women release and land short combinations. Jedrzejczyk lands another front kick to the chin. Round ends. Hard to say who won this one but Joanna landed more significant strikes.

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Jedrzejczyk takes R1

R2] Both women come out with quick hand combinations. Jedrzejczyk is landing great jabs and an inside leg kick. Both women throw kicks that are caught by the other fighter. They clinch and start fighting on the cage. Letourneau lands a hard elbow. Ref warns Jedrzejczyk about grabbing clothing. A lot of technical striking in this one, similar to a GSP fight. Another kick is caught by Letourneau and she lands a nice jab to the nose of the champ. Jedrzejczyk with multiple outside leg kicks that go unanswered. Letourneau landing huge right hands again and again. Jedrzejczyk answers back with another combination. Jedrzejczyk with a hard right hand to the forehead of Letourneau. Letourneau has a mouse under her eye, but landed more strikes than Jedrzejczyk.

Letourneau takes R2

R3] Techinical striking continues for both fighters and Rogan mentions a welt on Letourneau’s leg. Both women clinch on the cage and release. Both women are being patient and Jedrzejczyk lands a front kick to the neck. Letourneau is stunned and the champ starts to land some nasty inside leg kicks. Letourneau catches another leg kick and lands a few jabs. Jedrzejczyk is opening up and continues to land strikes at will. Letourneau looks like she’s slowing down. Jedrzejczyk with a kick to the body and another front kick to the body. Letourneau taking punishment at the end of the round.

Jedrzejczyk takes R3

R4] Championship rounds start and continues where it left off with Jedrzejczyk landing nice combinations. Letourneau’s front leg is swollen and she’s looking frustrated. She lands a kick to the body of the champ and a right jab. Crowd is getting fired up about the pace (or maybe the UFC turned on a crowd speaker). Letourneau is starting to limp. In and out combinations by both women. Jedrzejczyk with a nice straight body punch. She looks fresh in this round keeping up her same pace. Another inside leg kick from the champ. Letourneau lands a great uppercut combination and kick to the body. Jedrzejczyk answers with another leg kick that forces Letourneau to switch stances. Jedrzejczyk teeing off with combinations to end the round.

Jedrzejczyk takes R4

R5] Letourneau looks beaten up to start the round. Both fighters touch gloves and go back at it. Jedrzejczyk landing the same 3 punch and leg kick combination at will. Letourneau with clinches up by Jedrzejczyk lands an elbow to break. Jedrzejczyk continues to be aggressive, but Letourneau keeps moving forward. Both women still throwing strikes in the middle of the cage with Jedrzejczyk getting the better of the exchanges. Jedrzejczyk looks like she hurt her shin on a leg kick. Theres an eye poke and a short stoppage. Letourneau still eating leg kicks and jabs and it is starting to show. She goes for a desperation Muai Thai clinch but the round ends.

Jedrzejczyk takes R5. (49-46, 49-46, 50-45) Jedrzejczyk with the UD win.


Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva

R1] Round start. Both fighters feeling each other out, finding their reach. Hunt looking for a body shot. Silva with a leg kick. Hunt controls the middle of the cage. Quick exchange and hard leg kick by Hunt. Not much action going on in the cage. Slapping kick lands by Hunt to Silva’s ribs. Silva with a knee to the body. Another inside leg kick by Hunt. Silva with an outside leg kick. Short jab by Hunt. Huge punch by Silva but Hunt keeps moving forward. Mark Hunt with a short jab roight above the ear and Silva goes down!!!  Ref jumps in immediately.

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Mark Hunt defeats Antonio Silva by KO (R1)  


Uriah Hall vs. Robert Whittaker

R1] Start at 3:25. Uriah is dropping his hands, but dodging all punches. Short kicks to the knees by Hall. Fighters are feeling each other out. Hall attempts a spinning elbow and misses. Hall attempts a flashy 720 kick move and lands a takedown, but ends up on his back. Whittaker is explosive in this first round. Landing bombs on Hall. Moves into side control and keeps landing elbows. Hall has no answer. Full mount, but Hall escapes. Whittaker takes his back. Going for the rear naked choke. Releases and looking for an opening. Hall reverses at the 10 second clap.

Whittaker takes R1.

R2] Both come out with the same aggression. Hall needs to get going. Great jab by Whitaker. Hall calls for time due to an eye poke. Replay shows it was a closed fist. Hall comes out with massive shots but missing. Great roundhouse kick by Hall. Great jab by Whittaker. Excellent exchanges by both men. Feeling each other out again. Great head movement by Whittaker. Huge swings by both men, no clear cut punches landing. Great leg kicks by Whittaker. Leg kick by Hall. Huge kick to the ribs landed by Hall. Hall revving up for another big shot. Not pulling trigger. He goes for a spinning kick and misses.

Hall takes R2.

R3] Aggressive punches by both men coming out. Both men are landing haymakers. Whittaker lands a huge uppercut and attacking Hall. Hall is hurt and turns his back. He is landing huge shots, but slows down to take Hall’s back. Whittaker landing foot stomps and knees to the back of Hall’s knee. Hall spins out of it and they clinch. Hall is having trouble seeing out of his eye. Great elbow by Whittaker. Hall with another nice roundhouse kick and lands another flying knee. Shoots for a takedown and lands a few knees from the clinch. Whittaker is slowing down. They go back to the cage clinching. Hall just landing back to back kicks to the head. they release and are having a jab match. Whittaker landing great combinations but hall catches a leg kick. Hall is taunting for more action. Crowd is getting fired up by the action. Whittaker lands a takedown and Hall looks depleted. Could be due to his fast turnaround of events.

Whittaker takes R3. (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) Whittaker with the UD win.


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