Upload ANY Content From Your Camera Roll to Instagram Story

Uploading content from your camera roll to your Instagram story is actually really easy. Check out the short video below to learn how.



  1. Open up the Instagram App
  2. Tap the “Add to Story” button
  3. Swipe DOWN on this page
  4. You can see everything in your camera roll that has been added in the last 24 hours.
  5. Select a Photo or Video and tap the checkmark
  6. DONE!

iDownloadblog has written a great article with pictures if you need additional help posting to your Instagram story.


Post ANY Content From Your Camera Roll

Now let’s say you want to post something from your camera roll that is older than 24 hours. It won’t show up when you try to add it to your story. There is a simple way to hack around this Instagram story upload. Basically, you need any app that regenerates your photo or video into a new one in your camera roll. There are many 3rd party apps that can do this, such as repost apps, apps to add watermarks, and any photo editing app. But I will focus on my favorite: PicPlayPost. Download for IOS / Android


Using PicPlayPost to Upload to Your Instagram Story

Here is an extended version of the previous video showing you how I use PicPlayPost to post old pictures/videos in my camera roll to my Instagram story.


This app is awesome! In same you are curious what dimensions to use so your photos won’t look too offset when uploading, it really depends on your device. I use an iPhone so I find that cropping my photos with 9:16 works best. But I have noticed some issues when my stories are viewed on a tablet, so beware.

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