[VIDEO] Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Racism and inequality can still be seen and felt in the society. Worse is, those people we believe to be protecting us from harm and will not violate our rights will be the same people to hurt us or even murder us. Did you know that every 28 hours that pass black people, man, woman or child is murdered by a vigilante law enforcement officer? Did you also know that the estimated percentage of black American women who live in poverty is 25.1% which is higher as compared to any other ethnic group? Because of the efforts of a modest Baptist preacher Martin Luther King Jr., the law will defend equal rights for all of the people all over the country regardless of color, creed or race.

In Memory of MLK

In memory of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, our team over at Quiksnip created the video below. Martin Luther King Jr. was the American civil rights movement most significant voice which demands equal rights for all. He was well-known for making use of nonviolent resistance in overcoming justice. He never showed tiredness of ending the segregation laws which hinder blacks from entering specified places such as public schools, restaurants, and hotels. He did everything to make people understand that “all men are created equal.”

History of MLK

He was such a great man who tirelessly worked for civil rights racial equality for people in America. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929. He was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee by a racist sniper and an escaped convict, James Earl Ray while standing on the balcony right outside his second- story room at the Lorraine Motel. He died the same way as Mahatma Gandhi and John F. Kennedy – they were all assassinated when all they want to do is bring peace, harmony and equality. Even though Martin Luther King Jr. no longer lives, his legacy and advocacy to fight for equal rights will live on. As a matter of fact in commemoration of the great service the humble doctor and clergyman, his date of birth was made a federal holiday. Every third Monday in January, is now declared as Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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Black Lives Matter

We cannot please all people, despite the fact that all people should have equal rights in all aspects. Murder and racial discrimination still prevail to some extent the reason BlackLivesMatter came to be. #BlackLivesMatter is a movement that was created in 2012 when George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s murderer, was acquitted for murdering the 17-year old. Freddie Gray, 25, died in the hands of policemen April 19, 2015, and suffered serious spinal injuries that caused his death. The autopsy revealed that he has three fractured vertebrae and mashed voice box. This new incident raged many people. Protesters from different countries off different gender, age, race and sex gather together to voice out their plea to stop racism especially for Black people. It is a call to action and a response people by vigilantes and police. Whatever their race is, gender, age or skin color, everybody should be treated with respect because Black lives really do matter. Please connect with us and see how much more we can do for you aside from your video editing needs.

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Project Specs

Today is Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and we celebrate by looking back on how his actions have had an effect on events happening today. SPECS and DETAILS: Music montage mixed with a variety of inspirational videos and images. Created on January 18,2015 Creative editors: QUIKSNIP TEAM

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