What Are the Best SEO Practices To Follow?

Every day more and more businesses are popping up in your industry making the competition tough to get new clients. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) can help. Search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, cater to millions of users every day to find solutions for their everyday problems. Your SEO ranking can make or break your business.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that helps search engines find and rank your website when a user searches for a term (known as a query) online. Have you tried “googling” your name before? The results show the most relevant results at the top and least relevant results appear at the bottom or buried on other pages. SEO generates traffic from these search engines and is an awesome method to increase your website’s quality; Making it faster and easier to navigate to what users are looking for. The goal is to have your site ranked on Page 1 for all relevant terms.

Why is SEO important?


You will get more traffic.

The majority of users will choose one of the five suggested topics on the result page. In order to take advantage of a better position and more visitors coming to your site, you need to rank on page 1 and maintain it. Any ranking lower than the 1st page will reap significantly lower results. The top Google result gets 36.4% of total clicks.

Helps establish authority.

Users are confident in search engine results. Having a position at the top for certain keywords will increase your website’s trust factor.

SEO is also great for your social media promotion.

When people stumble upon your website on Google or Yahoo, there is a bigger possibility that they will share your page on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites are great ways for users to share the great content they find.

SEO can help you surpass your competition.

If another website is selling your product or service, but your site is ranked higher for a certain keyword, your website (which is search engine optimized) will harbor more customers and generate more sales. Now that we’ve learned the importance of SEO, let’s go over some of the best practices to promote your business success. Learn about SEO Today on Pinterest.

Best SEO Practices to Follow


Optimize for the Right Devices

Still a large number of users do not have desktop computers or laptops and only make use of their smartphones and tablets. Having a website that is mobile-friendly will land you a good position on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Almost 2 billion people all around the world will access the web with the use of their mobile devices. With the design trend moving towards mobile. it is better for your website to have a responsive design making it user-friendly, easy to read and have great accessibility.

Dodge Keyword Stuffing

SEO is no longer about keyword stuffing. Before, websites area stuffed with keywords that deceive search engines. Keyword density is no longer important and you should focus on specific keywords that appear more often than others.

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Check for Keyword Competition

Competition of keywords is most of the time ignored by newbies and even experts. This is quite important as this is the first step to follow when sorting out tons of keywords from Google AdWord campaigns. Hire a professional to find the best optimal keywords for your site or try using the Google Keyword Tool.

Always Add a Meta Description

Meta descriptions give positive impacts to your content’s Click Through Rate (CTR). Although Meta descriptions are not too much important in search engine rankings, they are rather very important in getting users that click from SERP’s. The characters should be around 115-155 and include call to action words like “Find Out” or “Learn More” to be effective.

Length of the Contents

As per Google guidelines, your content’s length should not be less than 300 words. It is advisable to write 500+ words for your content. It is better to emphasize high-quality contents with bullet points as well as photos to support what you have said. Take a look at your favorite blogs and websites for great references.

Get your Content Optimized for Bing

It’s a fact that Bing is still distant from Google in the share of engine market, but it does not mean that SEO users and experts should ignore it. Bing like other search engines such as Yahoo is dramatically gaining popularity and is aiming to get a bigger share in the search engine market. Keep in mind: Users who use Mozilla Firefox, has a default search engine set to Yahoo.

Optimize Pictures and Videos of your Products

The quality of your product’s photos and videos extremely influence your traffic’s decisions to buy your product or not. Focus on inserting high-quality images that digitally tell a story about your products or service. Let your visuals create an atmosphere for customers and direct them towards an emotional feeling towards your products. Optimization of images should be concise and informative; this includes a detailed filename, caption, etc. This includes optimizing the image ALT tag together with your target keywords when saving the name of an image to your server. It is also necessary to attach these ALT tags to help Google crawlers understand what the image would like to portray. Need your image optimized? Consider hiring a digital marketing assistant to write your SEO friendly content.

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Take Advantage of Social Media

Search engines are not the only place where users search for answers. They also make use of social media networks to appease their need for content. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ alone have become stand-alone search engines for users looking for creative content and inspiration. Social Media enables your website and brand to be directly in front of your prospective customers. You need to create high-quality content in order to gain shares on social media, but before you know it, your audience will be engaging and promoting your content with minimal effort from you. B2b social media plans also go a long way towards growing your business internally. Seek growth opportunities and reach out to businesses that are in your niche. We talk about the best strategies here.


Dedicate the time and effort to truly connect with your brand and its customers.

While SEO is not an easy topic to cover in a single blog post, you should check out additional tips online often to make sure your site is completely optimized. Here is the 10 most common SEO misconceptions. Read Gary Tristan‘s answer to What are the Best SEO techniques to use in 2015? on Quora

Additional Resources

Need a one stop go-to resource for building an SEO friendly website? Check out www.firstsiteguide.com. Its an educational website where you can find helpful online and PDF guides- including a website building guide, Video Tutorials, SEO resources and other handy web design and development tools for web beginners who are determined to start an online presence on their own.

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