What’s The Smartest Way To Market On A Tight Budget?

Every business has different ways to advertise their products and services. Large scale businesses have the capacity to create various kinds of advertisment banners and digital marketing materials which can be expensive.  But what if you are a small business with a tight budget? It is worth noting that even with a low budget your business can still take advantage of the best in advertising and promotions.  These can be achieved by handing out fliers, writing press releases, reaching out for referrals and sponsoring special causes. Whichever method a business owner decides to use, the most important thing is taking advantage of the market conditions and leveraging that to promote your business. See our infographic for 6 marketing tips to help your small businesses today. There are several effective ways to wisely market your business. Lets take a look at a few methods:

Most Budgetary Methods:


Create write-ups about your business and its industry.

Businessmen can seek assistance from local and trade publications for content such as coupon books or guides for shoppers and small newspapers.  A good presence will promote name recognition which means more exposure for your business.

Write blogs to develop brand recognition.

Sending press releases to local newspapers and online news media sources can be effective too. Written articles can be sent over to numerous media outlets related to your business where prospective customers will be able to see your profile and your business.


When you blog keep in mind that you should have that convincing power to make readers trust you and your products or services.  For your readers and would-be customers to trust in you, you can tell them stories about lessons learned, business’ failures as well as successes.

Hold a class and be a teacher.

Some areas or regions conduct almost all kinds of classes for their residents including fitness classes and the most popular, how-to-classes which could generate income. You can inquire with online community boards to find out about classes regarding business ownership, how to run a business or anything which is associated with business practices.  Also, local chambers of commerce usually host these types of classes, so you can ask them if you could teach one.   Budgetary ways to market a business by Quiksnip

Online Marketing.

Business owners seldom or do not even use the Internet in advertising due to a lot of information where their ads could be lost.  Instead, they use pay-pay-click or PPC marketing which are provided by social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter for the promotion of the business’ products and services. Creating your own website would be perfect for promoting your business, and what’s good about it is that software for designing a website now costs less. Start searching for design inspiration today! Google Adwords and Facebook can generate big traffic if you are consistent with your campaign without spending a lot of money.  The best thing about these platforms is they offer discounts or advertising credits, especially for small-scale business. Consider hiring a professional team for the best results.

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Try using print advertising.

It is better to place smaller ads in newsletters or coupon books than getting a page ad in a tabloid or large-newspapers which have lots of advertisement.  Smaller circulation gives more emphasis on ads placed on them since the space provided for are limited. All you need is a simple, but powerful headline and attractive design to get started.

Why not sponsor an event?

Sponsoring an event would be fun and fruitful.  You can look for charitable events in your municipality and ask the locals how to be a sponsor.  In this way, you will be exposed to a larger audience with different people, engaging yourself in helping the community even for a cause through public service.  This method gets positive feedback in promoting good public relations.

Volunteer and donate your products for a worthy cause.

Like for example in the case of famine such as a hurricane, you can donate your food products to those who are affected.  You are not only helping other people by satisfying their hunger, but you are also promoting your products at the same time.  It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Print and distribute your fliers.

The Small Business Owners Tool Kit suggests that printing fliers are a great way to advertise for less money.  The broader the fliers are being distributed, the more prospects they could reach.  You can print your own advertising fliers making sure it is bold and colorful because consumers are attracted to bright colors and pretty designs.  If your fliers are plain, they will not read it or even look at its contents.   Cheap Graphic Design Fliers today on Fiverr for $5   A part-time employee or even high school and college students can handle distribution to the public for you.  They can put the flyers on parked cars or attached them to house door entrance for little cost. This is advisable if your small business focuses on a certain area and fliers will do well.

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Take advantage of the community sites and local directories.

There is this one network called Quentin’s Friend which is very useful.  Many small business owners use this invitation-only network as a tool to post recommendations and offers as well for their services and products for just a small fee.  The service emphasizes on the geographical area where the business owner lives or where the business is located. You can also post your services or products on Craigslist to take a local approach.

Hire a business marketing consultant.

Small business owners also need advice from an outside expert to help you solve business problems.  The right business marketing consultant has the skills, knowledge and experience to improve the condition of the client’s business and hiring one acquires a better result without spending too much on your end. They could diagnose problems of your business and create solutions to improve productivity and get your business results. However, as a company grows, consultants can help guide your team by administering fresh ideas, evaluating areas that need improvement and apply the correct processes and procedures to optimize your daily work flow. Wonder why big businesses have so many?

Not all or every method does work for every business.

Each strategy for advertising is cost-effective and you should be able to take advantage what best works for you. Try looking for free resources on social media to create a successful marketing campaign on a tight budget. You’ll be surprised what tools are available to you with just a little research. What is your best budgetary method to market your business? Reach out to us on Twitter and you may be featured in our next article. Also follow our pinterest account for helpful tips to help young entrepreneurs grow their small business and personal online presence.   Looking to hire a digital marketing assistant? Reach out to Quiksnip today! 

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