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Ever wondered why some consumers are die hard advocates for a particular brand? For example, the guy who owns the Iphone 6, Macbook, and the Apple Watch; Or the woman who orders her books AND groceries off of Amazon.com. Brands like these have established a strong brand loyalty by identifying a defined demographic and earning their trust with clever advertisements and quality products. Let’s take a further look into why we love brands:


Why We Love Brands

Survey reveals which brands consumers are most loyal to.


Brand Consumers Love

20% of respondents singled out Apple as a brand they could not live without. Other top choices include: Amazon.com, Google, Coca Cola, Target, Starbucks, and Microsoft.


What Drives Loyalty?

  • 72% Service
  • 88% Quality
  • 50% Price
  • 45% Convenience

How Consumers Show Brands The Love?

  • 78% Spread the love
  • 68% Buy More
  • 54% Refuse to buy other products. (No Thanks!)

Rewarding Loyalty

62% of respondents don’t believe companies are doing enough to reward loyalty while 1/2 would consider buying more for rewards.

When is the most critical time for a company to gain loyalty?
The Customer Lifecycle
  • 11% Before I buy
  • 49% First Purchase.Begin Service
  • 40% When resolving issues
  • 1% When I consider competitors.


Why We Love Brands Infographic by ClickFox via Quiksnip.

*Source: 2012 Brand Loyalty Survey, conducted by ClickFox

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